Connecting you with your patients – connecting patients to health

ActiveScriptHealth automates patient connections in a way no other solution has done before. Engaged patients are more likely to stick to health regimens, complete follow up commitments and experience improved health.

Regular communication from health care providers creates a sense of trust and engagement for patients. Personalized connection can now take moments to complete, reaching all patients in your practice.

You Prescribe

ActiveScriptHealth connects your patients to ongoing wellness routines.

Activities and Habits

Wellness activities aren’t theories, they must become habits to improve patient outcomes.

Health Beyond the office visit

Adjustments are the backbone of chiropractic therapies. But the time between appointments can undo any and all progress.

Did we mention the health of your business will increase too?

Patients who are engaged with their health care providers have better outcomes.  They also make and keep more appointments. If you need insights into their behavior WHILE they are getting improved results, we’ve got that too.

Stay Connected.

ActiveScriptHealth provides a seamless communication experience between health care provider and patient 24/7.  Scheduling, aftercare tracking, and reporting pain management has never been easier.

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Simple plans – No fuss.

Real Doctors. Real Results

“I focus all of me time on the health of my patients. Now there’s a tool that makes both my business and patients healthier.  I couldn’t be happier”

— Dr. Jeremy R. , Lawrence KS

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That’s not all…

Weekly Patient Support Webinars

Results Oriented Design

Built for outcomes

Health in a snapshot

Industry best reporting

Access from anywhere

Deeper connection with Patients

Simple Customisation